All road club rides start at the Engen Garage, corner of Solomon Mahalangu drive and Atterbury road.

All MTB rides start at Single Track Cycles, Makro Centre.

Average speed

Group A +/- 33km/h
Group B +/- 30km/h
Group C +/- 27.5km/h

C-Group: Everyone welcome, remember the average speed is not more than 27.5km/h.

Group A and B: NB! If A group rides wait for B group riders, then the A group riders have to ride on B group pace.

Group C and D: Only in summer and with enough interest.

The owner of the Engen garage requested to not park behind one another but that we park next to one another.



Start: Engen Garage, corner of Solomon Mahlangu drive and Atterbury road

Saturday 16 Nov 2018

A-Groups - 06:00
Route te be decided by riders!

B-Group - 06:00
Route te be decided by riders!

C-Group - 06:00
Route to be decided by riders!

Tuesday & Thursdays

All-Groups - 05:15
Out with Lynnwood, back with Boschkop, and some extra laps at Klapperkop for those interested.


Start: From Single Track Cycles (Makro Centre)

Saturday 16 Nov 2018

All-Groups - 06:00
From Single Track Cycles! (Moved to centre at Makro) Barend 082 8969 265

Friday 23 November 2018

All-Groups - 18:00
+/-393km to Jakkalsgat Pub just outside Bela Bela (route going via Loskop dam)For more info call 0825512894

Updated: November 16th